Foot Care manufactures custom insoles using the world’s most advanced CNC technology.

In this method, we produce a three-dimensional model for the patient’s foot, process the desired measurements using dedicated software, and produce high-precision Madras strains.

Active biodynamic insoles using Foot Care ensure you:

✔ Maximum Foot Adjustment – Adjustment is made directly on the patient’s foot

✔ Lightweight insole – The insoles manufactured on the spot are lightweight

✔ Extremely effective shock absorption – The insole fixes the foot rest in the shoe and prevents future problems and pain such as cartilage erosion, back pain, knees and more

✔ Quick preparation – no need to wait for the lab to make the insole, the insoles are manufactured on site

✔ Quality insole – The insole is made from the most advanced materials in the world

The insoles help with the rehabilitation process, reducing pain and improving the quality of life of clients from the first step.