Biodynamic Insoles
Active, durable, healthier and more flexible
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What sets Foot Care Insoles apart from other insoles?
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Stability Improvement

Maintaining a neutral (straight) position, causes load reduction from the legs and skeleton

Equal Pressure Distribution On All Foot Areas

Thanks to the support of the insoles throughout the foot, pain in the feet, warts and blisters are avoided

Biodynamic Insole

The only insole that helps maintain proper foot rest

Improved Blood Circulation Of Your Foot

Because the foot is fully supported by the insole, the blood flow in all parts of the leg is freer

Our Technology

Thanks to innovative technology we have developed, custom biodynamic insoles can be produced in less than 15 minutes. The revolutionary device accurately diagnoses foot characteristics while photographing and scanning the foot.

CNC Device

The Best Way To Fit Your Foot Insole

Foot insoles are no longer just an orthopedic accessory, but a preventative medical treatment – Helps prevent orthopedic problems, postural and skeletal problems, disc breakages, vascular disease and more. Proper foot adjustment will prevent the need for later surgical intervention. The Foot Care advanced machine allows you to quickly get an accurate picture of the foot, and of the pressure distribution in the foot and create for each patient a customized insole.

Foot Care Insoles Advantages

Biodynamic Insoles
Foot Care insoles are manufactured using unique technology, on the spot, with 100% foot accuracy. Preparing the insole on the spot allows for better fit to the foot and repairs if needed. Research shows that bio-dynamic insoles are the most recommended and healthy foot insoles!

This Is How It Works :

The device photographs the foot structure and analyzes its shape

An in-depth examination of the customer’s existing foot and position is performed. The customer is present and understands the custom solution for his needs.

Foot Care professionals use analytics to design the perfect fit for the foot.

Insole Manufacturing Process

The Device Scan Your Foot

Custom Made Insole Production By The Exact Measures Of Your Foot

Insole Cooling - The Material Hardens And Retains Your Foot Shape

Your Insoles Are Ready To Use!