What makes FOOTCARE insoles the best quality insoles?

We take thousands of steps every day and engage in a variety of physical actions that challenge and increase the load on the body. Sometimes natural abrasions, unsuitable shoes or unbalanced posture cause pain in the legs and skeletal and muscular system.

There is a wide variety of insoles and options available in the insole market, but only customized, high quality insoles will give you the best answer for you.

What are the options available in the market?

Standard insole: A custom-made shelf product that comes with different types of support from the factory, with each support type having its characteristics. The main problem with these insoles is that the insoles are not customized to the specific leg, so in most cases there is no match between the patient’s unique need and the insole.

Custom Gypsum Insoles: In these insoles, the leg is placed on a sponge which drowns out its shape and is used to build gypsum. These are usually done by a third party who specializes in the construction of the madras. These insoles give passive support to the leg arch. However, the method in which they are done requires a long preparation and a long time to be produced by process experts, which raises the price significantly.

Madras Confidential – Proprietary of E.S.R. FootCare are durable, flexible and healthy insoles. The insoles are manufactured in a short 15-minute procedure that includes patient diagnosis, production, and on-site adjustment.

Biodynamic Insoles – We produce custom made insoles using the world’s most advanced CNC technology. A method that allows us to achieve the highest level of precision in which we create a three-dimensional model of the patient’s foot, based on which the insole is manufactured.

We Believe In Our Insoles!

Our unique mode of production allows us to fit the insole perfectly to the foot and its needs and therefore we are committed to the success of the treatment and the highest quality product on the market.

Not satisfied with the insole? You can reply back within 30 days and receive a full refund!

Our insoles are high-quality, lightweight, fast-paced and improve the quality of life of our clients from the first step.